Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You too :)

okay, so first of all i scored myself a white high wasited shorts from minkpink which were ... 20 BUXXX :) so well done to me lol. and theres this red flannel thats minkpink which is in the new catalogue thats $55. i shall be eye-ing that for now until i see something else thats more worth buying, ngehhh.

Here, i have a picture of my shorts :)

Another thing i bought was those manequin things on that wooden stick .. thing lol. ugh dunno whats its called but yer bought it so i can put all my necklace and what not to hang on :)
bought it from spotlight for $10, AND CAN U BELIVE SPOTLIGHT IS CLOSING DOWNNNNN AT BANKSTOWNNNN, im gonna have a teary now or go emo or something. nearest spotlight from home that i know is ...... none :| somewhere that involves transportation.. and me no likeeeyyy. 
Here it is, told you its hard to explain.....
lmao ==

ANDDD LAST BUT SURELY NOT LEASTT .. is my sexy marc jacobs daisy perfume 
AND IT CAME WITH A FREE QUILTED PATENT BLACK TOTE! of course would look better with a chain handle, but this aint no chanel business lol :) harrr
here is the picture of it for those of you aren't familiar with it (and if you don't, shame on youuuu lol )

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Oh and my heading "You too", is referring to Annas incident today in myer after she purchased a top.
Guy: *Hands receipt and bag to her*
Guy: There you go.
Anna: You too.
Me: *Looks at anna with a weird look*
Anna: *Looks back at me* .. "um okay .. "
Both: *Walks off like idiots* Or at least she did. HARR

hahahahahahah shame anna shame. cause yaa knw how they would say "have a nice day" etc etc. yess , haha.
okay. == it was funny at the time okay.

i should really catch up on my maths h/w. test in 2 weeks or so, NOT GOOD ..AT ALL.



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