Saturday, March 28, 2009


It is currently 10:47pm on a Saturday night and we are fucking dead. Like no kidding, Jazz is lying on my bed like a dead ... dead something and i'm sitting here like potato sack. How sadddd lol, and the smell of smirnoff makes me sick like no joke. And after drinking a few, we both have some rash thingys on our thigh and on our chest LOL wiiiierrd.

Oh, watched The Uninvited not as i expected ... at all. 
Very very confusionnnnn lol.

Jazz and i have just realised how comfortable it is being bra-less, lazing around like cool cucumbers :D LOL

Okay, BUZZ TIME muahaa har har :D

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gotta love fridays

Woke up this morning and was so not bothered to go school, so took the day off :)
What a miserable day it is today, like finally Autumn has arrived lol, was kinda getting sick of the heat and humid lunch periods in the sun getting baked.

OMG, so yesterday i had my usual 5-9:30 shift at work last night, and guess who came in?
Jordan Loukas and Demelza Reveley from the earlier Australia's Next top Model. They're so pretty and tallll. I'm surprised that i was the only one who spotted them out? And that noone even made an attempt to go up to them. So i was running around the whole store telling my workmates, and they were like huh? who are they? and i was just gobsmacked, like are you normalllllllll? 
So the lovely customer service i have, went up to them and greeted them with a:
Me: "Hey guys! How are you today?"
Jordan&Demelza: "Good thanks" *Walks off*
Then they had a little chitter chatter, which i overheard them debating on whether they should wait in the long ass line to purchase this white singlet. 
Soooooo, i made another attempt:
Me: "Did you guys need help with anything?"
Jordan&Demelza: "Oh noo, just wondering whether we should wait in line"

Well anyway, all quotes were somewhere along those lines. 
I shall add a couple of photos of them, just in case you aren't familiar with them.

God they have the hottest legs lol.
Okay, I'm going to eat breakky now and then head off to Centro to buy some necessities :)

Before i go, i would like to post a very thoughtful poem to Brian because he annoyingly asked me to blog about him. JOKES loool

Brian looks like a lion
and he wants to go the easter show but he only has one toe
so that he can watch the doggies game, and is like totally begging me to go cause he thinks he can get fame
he called me a blueberry cause i was feeling blue, and i'm going to end this poem cause i needa poo
like you seriously want me to buy you dunks? more like tree trunksss
but you know what you can buy me, is a CHANELL BAG

hahahahah okay rather indecent, but good enough for him :) there you go


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you :)

Okay, so not the most appealing picture of all but it was all i could find in such little patience. Just a little diagram of the tattoos i am taking into consideration atm and obviously from the picture there are 3 in mind, and 3 that i have been wanting for quite some time now. 

And below the numbers shown are the numbers allocated on the attractive photo above. 
  1. The first one labelled is a star. Below the hip-ish? around the thigh area? I dunno well from the picture, somewhere located there, of course it's not precise but you get the gist. ( aahhahah her punani lol)
  2. On the left wrist, the letter F in the curvy fancy writing. Obviously the beginning letter of my name. But ouch, that would hurt right? 
  3. And the last one (at least for now) lol, the word "Inseparable" below the boooobie, somewhere in the rib but not completely underneath. Somewhere to the side-ish, so that from side view you can also see the word? Ah words fail. 
Which my lover Jazz boo, and I have been longing for, for as long as we can remember lol. Probably around year 9ish i think? Anyways, i really want them just scared that i might regret it. 

I love that feeling, the sound of the rain and the window open with the slight breeze and the warm comfort of just being able to hide in an oversize top and shorts sipping my "every night before i sleep milk in the same glass" from a pink straw. 
Oh, the relaxation has begun :)

Okay i'll shutup now, bye lovers!


Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2009 collection

Some chosen favz from the runway:

This is like one of those things you add to "Before i die list" kind of things you knoww. 
Well realistically, i know i could never attend one of these, but i'll add it to my list anyway. Speaking of which, i might post a blog of "Before i die list" soon, one day, later... when i think of things i want to do and experience. 
Anyway, they're just soooo pretttyyyyy, argh.

I can not wait, to start designing in textiles and get to finally use the cameras in photography because the darkroom smells utterly revolting. Bloody fixer and developer that lingers in the room with god knows what other chemicals that intoxicate my system. Oh, the gloves smell like fish as well =/


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Omggggg, my english assessment task is due in exactly a week, next tuesday and i haven't even started. I know, i should be starting now instead of blogging, msn-ing and facebooking lol but i have been sitting on this chair trying to start with at least a heading but can not think of anything "catchy". 
It's about Journeys, and i have to relate it to that movie Rabbit Proof Fence. I remember watching it like in year 8 or something, and watching it last week in english but i think i fell sleep or something.

Oh, Food tech and textiles assignments all due next week as well. WELLL DONEE!! 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Eating grapes

Fuck me dead, I'm so exhausted. (Please excuse the language)

For p.e we went to fitness first, and this time we were on the bikes and all those equipments. Omggg i felt so dead afterwards, not to mention walking all the way there and walking back, mind you this was on Chapel road so trust you would feel my pain lol.

Oh dear, today was also my maths test which i never studied for. I didn't even touch or look at my maths book except during school hours, at home it would be stuffed somewhere in my room, god knows where lol. I sense ..... mmm... failure? Sounds a bit right.


So friends have been telling me i've been coping pretty well? Ngeh, i feel okay ... now i guess but then there comes a point where i would just break down but heyyyyy that's life, what can you do. Everything happens for a reason right, and plus it's only been 5 days. Might sound like a don't even care, i do it's just that just trying to think positive. So suck a toeeeeee and suck it good :) lmao jokes braaa.

PS: I love Ikea.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

going spazz

T shirt- Shontelle Layne
Trying to decide, trying to decide if I, really wanna go out tonight.
I never use to go out without you, I'm not sure I remember how to.
I'm gonna be late gonna be late but, all my girls gonna have to wait cause, I don't know if I like my outfit.
I tried everything in my closet.

Nothing feels right when I'm not with you, sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos.
Taking them off cause I feel a fool, trying to dress up when I'm missing you.
Ima step out of this lingerie, curl up in a ball with something Hanes.
In that I lay, with nothing but your t-shirt on.
Oh, with nothing but your t-shirt on.

Hey, gotta be strong gotta be strong but I'm, really hurting now that you're gone.
I thought maybe I'd do some shopping, but I didn't get past the door and, now I don't know now I don't know if I'm, ever really gonna let you go and I, couldnt even leave my appartment.
I'm stripped down torn up about it.

God, this song has been on repeat all morning.

Can't sleep.

Woke up around 4am, laying in bed and walking around the house doing shit all lol. Till now, which is 9:13am, and i went to sleep at 1am. OMG I ONLY HAD AROUND 3 HRS OF SLEEP. It's not even sleeping, more like napping. ahhh god. I need my normal sleeping patterns back.
I need help lol.

This blog is so pointless, but it's prob the only thing that is keeping me occupied. 
I'm so close to picking up my phone and ringing someone, but majority of them would be sleeping ... for sure.

Aaaaaaaaand i would just like to say happy 11 months to Anna and fob for today and happy 6 months to nhung and her bf isaac for yesterday :)

Oh and on the whole, just a tad disappointed, i had my hopes up to high.
Not anymore.

Friday, March 20, 2009

one day.

Fragile heart- Cassie
When it comes to love I know 
That pain comes with a territory 
I been here before, can't take no more 
To end like the sad love story now 

Now that you're here, I'm hesitating 
Just need a little understanding 
Baby, I don't wanna wonder 
How you got close to my heart 

So yeah, not much of a pleasant week.
Oh well, we all survive in the end lol.

Mmmmm plans for tonight, welllllll tonight is footy, planning on watching the game at annas crib-ular. 

Not much of a blogging mood i'm in, and the humidity atm is annoying the shit out of me. 
So i'm off to the corner shop to buy some ice cream, and while im at it might just go pass "a green house" hahhahhaha ok bye. (Only 2 people would know what i'm on about)

Oh, and just another 2 more things:
Ew, toes.


Sunday, March 15, 2009


my new stress relief, typing nonsense to release my anger lol

okay soo, i just realised how big the font on my blog is on a computer than to on my macbook lol. oh well, we learn something everyday.

new pics?

I'm a mouse duh?

In love with this song :) Fragile Heart- Cassie

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

rain rain go away come again another day ..

It's raining outside, and i'm kind of in a rainy weather mood lol

what to blog about? 
i think i shall 5RFOTD it.  (5 random facts of the day) gangster i am, with my abbreviations and what not, HARR.

  1. I love jackie :) Today she pointed out the fact that i haven't mentioned anything about her nor the mention of her name lol. Okay jackiee, this number one fact is dedicated to you JACKIE. I hate it when you bring nectarines to school when i don't have one, but i love you for brining one cause they are just beautiful species of fruits hahahah. :) well what do you know, mentioned your name 3 times in todays blog, all in one point ;) 
  2. While going to the toilets during 4th period i noticed that our school corridors/ hallways smells like drenched cat piss, onion and B.O lol
  3. Our athletics carnival is on next wednesday ....... y a y .... so going ....  ==
  4. Why are all my points based on "school" ? 
like amen to that, gees they're addictive. what happened to vitamin water may you ask? 
i think thats the case of my weight increasing, who knows. after that disturbing news report about it having the same sugar level thing as coke or something like that.
and i thought they were healthy. such a misleading label .. "Vitamin Water" .. WATER.
okay,  i think you get it.

I love you baby.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You too :)

okay, so first of all i scored myself a white high wasited shorts from minkpink which were ... 20 BUXXX :) so well done to me lol. and theres this red flannel thats minkpink which is in the new catalogue thats $55. i shall be eye-ing that for now until i see something else thats more worth buying, ngehhh.

Here, i have a picture of my shorts :)

Another thing i bought was those manequin things on that wooden stick .. thing lol. ugh dunno whats its called but yer bought it so i can put all my necklace and what not to hang on :)
bought it from spotlight for $10, AND CAN U BELIVE SPOTLIGHT IS CLOSING DOWNNNNN AT BANKSTOWNNNN, im gonna have a teary now or go emo or something. nearest spotlight from home that i know is ...... none :| somewhere that involves transportation.. and me no likeeeyyy. 
Here it is, told you its hard to explain.....
lmao ==

ANDDD LAST BUT SURELY NOT LEASTT .. is my sexy marc jacobs daisy perfume 
AND IT CAME WITH A FREE QUILTED PATENT BLACK TOTE! of course would look better with a chain handle, but this aint no chanel business lol :) harrr
here is the picture of it for those of you aren't familiar with it (and if you don't, shame on youuuu lol )

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Oh and my heading "You too", is referring to Annas incident today in myer after she purchased a top.
Guy: *Hands receipt and bag to her*
Guy: There you go.
Anna: You too.
Me: *Looks at anna with a weird look*
Anna: *Looks back at me* .. "um okay .. "
Both: *Walks off like idiots* Or at least she did. HARR

hahahahahahah shame anna shame. cause yaa knw how they would say "have a nice day" etc etc. yess , haha.
okay. == it was funny at the time okay.

i should really catch up on my maths h/w. test in 2 weeks or so, NOT GOOD ..AT ALL.



Monday, March 9, 2009

5 random facts of the day

  1. i think i have made peace with certain people, probably the best and right thing to do. i congratulate myself lol :)
  2. ughh, too much information to cope all in one day. and let me tell you, they weren't just any other ordinary day to day stuff you would hear HAHAHAH . my mind is officially corrupted. JOAAAAAAAAAAX :D no, i love my girls. we're growing up to fast LOLLLL
  3. i have a new bad habit lol (not recent), not necessarily new since it was done in the past but yes ...
  4. i need a new wardrobe, and desperately needs to go shopping
  5. i remembered to bring my P.E uniform this time, so need for dodging lunch detentions muahah har har

in love with her shorts, outfit w/e.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunset- Marques Houston

" But you'll always be the one to have my heart
I'm gonna love you for now and forever
Cause you're my sunset-set-set-set-set "

suffering from emphysema

so i'm in bed now with my lover jazz beside me fast asleep 
she staying the night over, and i'm here trying to make myself sleepy by doing something practical.

so today woke up from a phone call by jazz and with an overnight sore shoulder from a strain/cramp whatever it was. Spontaneously decided to come over mine and to do shit all and a plan to go mardi gras but unfortunately did not happen (due to a couple of issues) , and the butch made me walk all the way to the station to pick her up. lol but because i love her i made a daily sacrafice. oh the things i do for her.
bumped into thy boyfie and got a lift back to mine. 
i must say a lot of effort was indured today. alot. 
walking, walking to get pizza, walking back .... ANDD walking all the way to my bfs house which included walking on that long road, that goes up hill .. lol damnt forgot what its called. surprised him, and even more surprised at ourselves that we even survived lmao. a mission it was i tell you

oh and golly goshhhh, did we find some intriguing information that will proceed tmrw hahahah ;) ey jazz eyy ... and anna EYY lol. okay ... god we're stalkers.

just a few pics from today, the rest will all be uploaded on my best friend facebook :):)

yer just a ...... "few" lol.
okay snooze time   


Friday, March 6, 2009

a lil preview ...

5 preview ya'lllll
these are something i would hyperventilate over, or lick all over ... maybe. 

know where to buy these?? =/

its a love story, baby just say yes

my pandora bracelet in the making ... lol
i will eventually get there .. once again when i work my ass off
i currently have 4 charms soooo .. about 384728049204 left lol :)

andddd so i've been browsing around for a pandora ring and there are 2 that i'm currently watching. they're both so pretty, and i reaaaally love both but i don't know which to choose from. gahh, such a hard decisions to make
since autumn has arrived and winter to come, i am dyingggg for this sweater/jumper from Alexander wang. I've seen this look a like at General Pants in black but not in grey :( so i shall be on the hunt.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Tell me they're not beautiful

Pleassseeee???? someonee??? anybodyyy? :(
This cause for a celebration.

My black lee jeans still fit me after a summer of it being stuck in my wardrobe and not being able to see the world for one WHOLEE SEASONN .. (and a tad more)
yes, so i was looking through my wardrobe the other night cause i bought myself a g star top, just a plain casual one since i RARELY ever wear "normal, casual" clothes. lol quoted by tianna, and decided to try them on to see if they fit, a bight tight but they'll stretch.
they betterrr. oh they will. 

so i came home today and saw a euphoria blossom sitting on my table, purchased by my mother dear. she knew i've always wanted the euphoria perfume but now i really want the marc jacobs daisy perfume and apparantly they don't come in 100mLs? only in 5omls, merr. what an annoyance

Calvin Klein Euphoria blossom

Marc Jacobs Daisy

planning to get that on saturday, with my left over myer gift card frm my bday haarr  :D
its getting cold, i don't like it.

but im lovinggg my textilessssss lessons!! cheering.

btw current song that is stuck in my head: Love story- Taylor swift
her song is heeaps catchy and she is real pretty. 

merr, i have work tmrw and so not bothered. when am i ever? lol
i need the money anyway, cause i need a new wardrobe for my new friend Autumn who has just arrived lol :):)

tata <3

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

mm chanel chanel

Okay so here's my chanel 2.55 collection so far ...
Jumbo, medium, and the normal size in black, white and apricot

My babysss, all in black lol

okay so now for the rest to hopefully fall in line when i evetually paper chase $$$ harrr.
so yes the red one in either gold or silver chain hardware thingo
aww and the mini ones, theyre so cuteeee
and a reissue black patent or no patent (whichever) in silver chain

soooo pretttty argh. but then again any chanel would do me :)

okay now time for me to stop dreaming and start saving, damnit!!