Saturday, March 21, 2009

going spazz

T shirt- Shontelle Layne
Trying to decide, trying to decide if I, really wanna go out tonight.
I never use to go out without you, I'm not sure I remember how to.
I'm gonna be late gonna be late but, all my girls gonna have to wait cause, I don't know if I like my outfit.
I tried everything in my closet.

Nothing feels right when I'm not with you, sick of this dress and these Jimmy Choos.
Taking them off cause I feel a fool, trying to dress up when I'm missing you.
Ima step out of this lingerie, curl up in a ball with something Hanes.
In that I lay, with nothing but your t-shirt on.
Oh, with nothing but your t-shirt on.

Hey, gotta be strong gotta be strong but I'm, really hurting now that you're gone.
I thought maybe I'd do some shopping, but I didn't get past the door and, now I don't know now I don't know if I'm, ever really gonna let you go and I, couldnt even leave my appartment.
I'm stripped down torn up about it.

God, this song has been on repeat all morning.

Can't sleep.

Woke up around 4am, laying in bed and walking around the house doing shit all lol. Till now, which is 9:13am, and i went to sleep at 1am. OMG I ONLY HAD AROUND 3 HRS OF SLEEP. It's not even sleeping, more like napping. ahhh god. I need my normal sleeping patterns back.
I need help lol.

This blog is so pointless, but it's prob the only thing that is keeping me occupied. 
I'm so close to picking up my phone and ringing someone, but majority of them would be sleeping ... for sure.

Aaaaaaaaand i would just like to say happy 11 months to Anna and fob for today and happy 6 months to nhung and her bf isaac for yesterday :)

Oh and on the whole, just a tad disappointed, i had my hopes up to high.
Not anymore.

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