Wednesday, March 11, 2009

rain rain go away come again another day ..

It's raining outside, and i'm kind of in a rainy weather mood lol

what to blog about? 
i think i shall 5RFOTD it.  (5 random facts of the day) gangster i am, with my abbreviations and what not, HARR.

  1. I love jackie :) Today she pointed out the fact that i haven't mentioned anything about her nor the mention of her name lol. Okay jackiee, this number one fact is dedicated to you JACKIE. I hate it when you bring nectarines to school when i don't have one, but i love you for brining one cause they are just beautiful species of fruits hahahah. :) well what do you know, mentioned your name 3 times in todays blog, all in one point ;) 
  2. While going to the toilets during 4th period i noticed that our school corridors/ hallways smells like drenched cat piss, onion and B.O lol
  3. Our athletics carnival is on next wednesday ....... y a y .... so going ....  ==
  4. Why are all my points based on "school" ? 
like amen to that, gees they're addictive. what happened to vitamin water may you ask? 
i think thats the case of my weight increasing, who knows. after that disturbing news report about it having the same sugar level thing as coke or something like that.
and i thought they were healthy. such a misleading label .. "Vitamin Water" .. WATER.
okay,  i think you get it.

I love you baby.

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  1. i love that sugar cane shit aswell! its the stufff man!