Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This cause for a celebration.

My black lee jeans still fit me after a summer of it being stuck in my wardrobe and not being able to see the world for one WHOLEE SEASONN .. (and a tad more)
yes, so i was looking through my wardrobe the other night cause i bought myself a g star top, just a plain casual one since i RARELY ever wear "normal, casual" clothes. lol quoted by tianna, and decided to try them on to see if they fit, a bight tight but they'll stretch.
they betterrr. oh they will. 

so i came home today and saw a euphoria blossom sitting on my table, purchased by my mother dear. she knew i've always wanted the euphoria perfume but now i really want the marc jacobs daisy perfume and apparantly they don't come in 100mLs? only in 5omls, merr. what an annoyance

Calvin Klein Euphoria blossom

Marc Jacobs Daisy

planning to get that on saturday, with my left over myer gift card frm my bday haarr  :D
its getting cold, i don't like it.

but im lovinggg my textilessssss lessons!! cheering.

btw current song that is stuck in my head: Love story- Taylor swift
her song is heeaps catchy and she is real pretty. 

merr, i have work tmrw and so not bothered. when am i ever? lol
i need the money anyway, cause i need a new wardrobe for my new friend Autumn who has just arrived lol :):)

tata <3

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