Monday, March 9, 2009

5 random facts of the day

  1. i think i have made peace with certain people, probably the best and right thing to do. i congratulate myself lol :)
  2. ughh, too much information to cope all in one day. and let me tell you, they weren't just any other ordinary day to day stuff you would hear HAHAHAH . my mind is officially corrupted. JOAAAAAAAAAAX :D no, i love my girls. we're growing up to fast LOLLLL
  3. i have a new bad habit lol (not recent), not necessarily new since it was done in the past but yes ...
  4. i need a new wardrobe, and desperately needs to go shopping
  5. i remembered to bring my P.E uniform this time, so need for dodging lunch detentions muahah har har

in love with her shorts, outfit w/e.

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