Sunday, March 8, 2009

suffering from emphysema

so i'm in bed now with my lover jazz beside me fast asleep 
she staying the night over, and i'm here trying to make myself sleepy by doing something practical.

so today woke up from a phone call by jazz and with an overnight sore shoulder from a strain/cramp whatever it was. Spontaneously decided to come over mine and to do shit all and a plan to go mardi gras but unfortunately did not happen (due to a couple of issues) , and the butch made me walk all the way to the station to pick her up. lol but because i love her i made a daily sacrafice. oh the things i do for her.
bumped into thy boyfie and got a lift back to mine. 
i must say a lot of effort was indured today. alot. 
walking, walking to get pizza, walking back .... ANDD walking all the way to my bfs house which included walking on that long road, that goes up hill .. lol damnt forgot what its called. surprised him, and even more surprised at ourselves that we even survived lmao. a mission it was i tell you

oh and golly goshhhh, did we find some intriguing information that will proceed tmrw hahahah ;) ey jazz eyy ... and anna EYY lol. okay ... god we're stalkers.

just a few pics from today, the rest will all be uploaded on my best friend facebook :):)

yer just a ...... "few" lol.
okay snooze time   


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