Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just like a tattoo, I'll always have you :)

Okay, so not the most appealing picture of all but it was all i could find in such little patience. Just a little diagram of the tattoos i am taking into consideration atm and obviously from the picture there are 3 in mind, and 3 that i have been wanting for quite some time now. 

And below the numbers shown are the numbers allocated on the attractive photo above. 
  1. The first one labelled is a star. Below the hip-ish? around the thigh area? I dunno well from the picture, somewhere located there, of course it's not precise but you get the gist. ( aahhahah her punani lol)
  2. On the left wrist, the letter F in the curvy fancy writing. Obviously the beginning letter of my name. But ouch, that would hurt right? 
  3. And the last one (at least for now) lol, the word "Inseparable" below the boooobie, somewhere in the rib but not completely underneath. Somewhere to the side-ish, so that from side view you can also see the word? Ah words fail. 
Which my lover Jazz boo, and I have been longing for, for as long as we can remember lol. Probably around year 9ish i think? Anyways, i really want them just scared that i might regret it. 

I love that feeling, the sound of the rain and the window open with the slight breeze and the warm comfort of just being able to hide in an oversize top and shorts sipping my "every night before i sleep milk in the same glass" from a pink straw. 
Oh, the relaxation has begun :)

Okay i'll shutup now, bye lovers!

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