Tuesday, March 3, 2009

another one of these.

after countless blogs of mine in the past, i have decided to yes .. share my life with you, are you not thrilled? (note sarcasm)

okay so lets get straight into it shall we,
my wishlist at the momento :)

-fringe ankle boots

-pink/fuschia and red lipstick

-prada imitation headband

-full length harrem pants

-red flannel

-stussy denin jacket with hood

-levi stud shorts

-new heels dammmit

-black ripped jeans

-shredded tshirt

-more pandora charms har har

ok just a few to name, dont get head spins now lol.

PS;; these are the sickest gronks you will ever meet, just thought id let you know

tata <3

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