Friday, March 27, 2009

Gotta love fridays

Woke up this morning and was so not bothered to go school, so took the day off :)
What a miserable day it is today, like finally Autumn has arrived lol, was kinda getting sick of the heat and humid lunch periods in the sun getting baked.

OMG, so yesterday i had my usual 5-9:30 shift at work last night, and guess who came in?
Jordan Loukas and Demelza Reveley from the earlier Australia's Next top Model. They're so pretty and tallll. I'm surprised that i was the only one who spotted them out? And that noone even made an attempt to go up to them. So i was running around the whole store telling my workmates, and they were like huh? who are they? and i was just gobsmacked, like are you normalllllllll? 
So the lovely customer service i have, went up to them and greeted them with a:
Me: "Hey guys! How are you today?"
Jordan&Demelza: "Good thanks" *Walks off*
Then they had a little chitter chatter, which i overheard them debating on whether they should wait in the long ass line to purchase this white singlet. 
Soooooo, i made another attempt:
Me: "Did you guys need help with anything?"
Jordan&Demelza: "Oh noo, just wondering whether we should wait in line"

Well anyway, all quotes were somewhere along those lines. 
I shall add a couple of photos of them, just in case you aren't familiar with them.

God they have the hottest legs lol.
Okay, I'm going to eat breakky now and then head off to Centro to buy some necessities :)

Before i go, i would like to post a very thoughtful poem to Brian because he annoyingly asked me to blog about him. JOKES loool

Brian looks like a lion
and he wants to go the easter show but he only has one toe
so that he can watch the doggies game, and is like totally begging me to go cause he thinks he can get fame
he called me a blueberry cause i was feeling blue, and i'm going to end this poem cause i needa poo
like you seriously want me to buy you dunks? more like tree trunksss
but you know what you can buy me, is a CHANELL BAG

hahahahah okay rather indecent, but good enough for him :) there you go


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