Wednesday, July 22, 2009

why is everyone choosing to cut their hair :(
it makes me feel as if though i need to cut mine, oh yes cause that's so gonna happen.....
still like her better with longer hair. she kinda looks like keri hilson now
boo hooooo


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  2. It's a wig... that doesn't suit her bone structure.

    I think people forget these people wear wigs and extensions and not their real hair.

  3. I don't think she can rock it though, her features and bone structure are too masculine. Although air brushed pics always make everything look good lol.

  4. hahaha I'm with Rai down to a tee on this one. They can do whatever they want, and it doesn't matter cuz they'll have a ton of fake hair in there in no time.

    This looks horrible on Ciara, but hey...worth the publicity.