Friday, July 17, 2009


i have so much leopard printed shit that i never wear or use. looking through mags and blogs has now motivated me to through it on my next outfit. i feel the need to invest on either a leopard skirt or/and high waisted shorts, haa it sounds so chatty but i feel as though it calls my name, not.
so obviously i can not afford that leopard print camilla and marc clutch nor the roberto cavalli one in the picture above (with the arrow pointing at it) i shall try my luck with finding one as close as possible. yeah there heaps of leopad printed ones but some look so chat. okay enough of this whining.
on another topic .. i see that there are lots of imitations of the herve leger bandage skirt .. i think i want one in every single fucking colour i see lol.

so here's a picture of cassie, angela simmons and rihanna wearing one.

and i've seen a few in some shops, and these ones are from bardot

so as soon as my pay comes in, you know where i'll be :)

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