Friday, April 3, 2009


hello hi howdy do ?

I am fucking bored and hungry
Oh the joy, one more week till holis!! Are you guys not geeeeeed, cause i certainly am hehehhihihhohoho

Okayyy then, so today another day stayed back after school till 5 to continue on my textiles assignment which is a sewing companion. You knowww those apron things that you can like put your bobbins, needles and all that junk in, well yeah that :)
AND I FINISHED IT!!! Just need to hand everything in on Monday morning 

i also got a khod piercing .. hahahohohahhihih
nah i got my belly today, didn't hurt at all 
and omg, the woman there is fucking wierd like no joke
i got it done at bankstown called the "Powder Room", which i only found it that it was called that this afternoon after who knows how many times walking pass there and calling it "That-shop-near subway-across-the-station-where-they-wax-and-do-nails-and-stuff" lol
oh and i'm laughing so much at how many people are asking me what a khod piercing is.
and khod is a term friequently used by jazz and i, know someone who's Lebanese .. ask them what it means 
hahahahahahhahaha im so sad.

watched the grudge 3 at the boyfies today
oh fucking peanuts it was like and hour and something waste of my life! lol
so gayy, like the grudge girl/s are so fake looking and you just laugh at it when you see her cause its sooo BULLOCKS :)
But here is something that might be to your liking ...

Okay, i was sent the link by a friend and was told "I HAD TO WATCH IT" and yes .. so i did
and now i am officially scarred of life... and now its your turn

dum dum dummmmmmmmm

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