Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm normal, are you

Couple of things ey
  1. Human race of male genders are such wanks. Doesn't make sense? thats cause they don't either :)
  2. I think i should stop swearing. i think though, although i know there is a very little pinch of salt that it will happen lol. 

I am currently obsessed with making those bracelets with those colourful beads and the one with the letters on them that you can make yourself. You probably did them when you were a little.  IF you are asian then YES, YOU WOULD OF HAD TO MADE/OWN THESE. ITS JUST NORMAL TO ... CAUSE YOU'RE ASIAN !!! hahahihihohohahahhuh.

Yeeuhh, somezzing like zisss, except mine aren't that childish hahaha
... or are they ..

I've had about 5 cans of V so far, and now i need to hit the loo
Nature is calling 


  1. LOL. yes i agree! those bracelets look like candy i wanna eat it. did you make those ones? LOL , isn't ghana a place in africa ahhaha random? but yes they are cuteeeeeeee

  2. haha nah i didnt make those ones (googles it), similar ones though but instead little beads than those ones. they look too cheap ahahahah, but yes yummy.