Friday, June 5, 2009


Friday night, stuck at home due to the fact that i am grounded. Well done to me, so i have occupied myself with a Vogue and Shop till you drop magazine, my macbook, and then watch some gossip girl-ing. Shit life is good.......

Anyway, today i did not attend school for the usual per reason that i simply could not be bothered so instead did some satisfying retail therapy with mother dear. Bought a few shirts, shoes and this'that items lol. Went to shoebox and bought those flat jazz/tango looking shoes and these heels which were like the last ones, they're pretty old but they were on sale so without thinking i bought them. Yes, that happens quite often.. seriously it's like a sickness for me. All my heels are like tan brown, i really need to invest in some black ones or maybe a different colour at least ==
Next time, yes next time :)

I am also officially on  a salad diet, haha see how long this is gonna last.

(Yes, i even took a picture of it)

A few pictorials below, you can sense the boredness creeping on you.


  1. sexy ferry
    thoes chainz are HOT

  2. omg where did you get those chains?

  3. diva babe
    on sale for $9 !! lolss